We offer screens in various sizes and in all types of materials such as Stainless, Brass, Galvanized, and Mild Steel.

High Carbon Vibrating Screens, which are fabricated according to our clients' individual specific requirements, are used used for sorting, classifying, refining such as in quarries.

Similar to our Woven Screens, Welded Screens come in Stainless material. They are woven as well, but are also welded at each cross section. These are usually used for fencing, filtering for drainage and STP, filtering for man-made lakes or fish farms, cage fabrication, and the like.

Perforated screens are lightweight and come in varied hole patterns. They can be used for filtering, sorting, diffusing, and partitioning purposes. Material can be either Stainless or Mild Steel.

Woven screens are lightweight and pliable, allowing them to be used in a multitude of applications. They can be used in food processing, window reinforcement, displays, barriers, filtering, automotive purposes, and others.

Trommel screens are specialized and durable products that are paired with machines to perform specific work. They can be used in tasks such as segregation of goods, gravel screening, and the like. 

Sifting and Silo screens are used mostly for classification purposes, and can function within a wide range of applications such as for fine rocks, waste screening, water screening, laboratory sifting, and many others. 

The following are specific-size screens for the rice/flour milling industry:

Satake Screen SB-10
RB 15
Kokuyo Screen

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