Flanged Type ball bearings are designed for light loads, and can be mounted directly into pulleys or conveyor belts for food processing and milling industries.

Pillow Block bearings, the most extensively used bearings, are mounted to housings that support shafts. Their bolt holes allow for adjustment as well as mounting. They are used in conveyor systems in a variety of industries. 

Plummer Block bearings are for high load carrying capacities, and can be assembled and disassembled conveniently. They are used in manufacturing, mining, construction industries, in applications such as conveyors, dryers, road-building equipment, crushers, and other heavy duty applications. 

Take Up Units are a special mounted bearing which can be fitted exactly using a nut and bolt. It can be moved laterally while the shaft is spinning, and can create tension or switch positions according to the user's requirements. These are used in areas where conveyor applications, food processing, fans and blowers, and agriculture equipment are involved. 

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